Plug In and Pedal, Music for Cylcing

listening-to-musicIt seems that, in this day and age, you cannot even walk down the street without encountering at least half a dozen people all listening to music on either their phones or iPods. Whilst it might be a tad on the antisocial side if you do it whilst you’re walking next to your friend, listening to music whilst exercising comes highly recommended. You see, if you choose the right songs, you can feel as though you can run or cycle forever. That, my friends, is the true power of music. However, before you start thanking God for the music, you might want to hang around for a couple of minutes and find out which songs are the best songs to listen to for your cycling workout.

Most of the time I like to listen to house and trance whilst cycling but that may not appeal to all of you out there. For me they are both great because they are upbeat and fast which can set a good tempo. Nowadays there are so many DJs to choose from, making new tracks from their DJ equipment. I’m a bit of an amateur DJ myself and recently purchased lots of gear.

For those of you who like pop music, Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ is absolutely first class; you can tell by the lyrics- ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar’. Even if you have some slight reservations when it comes to Katy Perry, you should let go of your inhibitions when it comes to workout time and play ‘Roar’ at top volume whilst singing about how the world is going to hear you roar.

One Republic’s hit, ‘Counting Stars’ has also become a firm favourite with some of the latest DJ’s but, it turns out that, it’s actually very beneficial for workouts. Whilst its lyrics might be a tad on the melancholy side, it’s actually got quite an upbeat tune. It’s definitely one song which you won’t regret downloading from iTunes.

Another firm favourite is Mumford & Sons’ top notch song, ‘Little Lion Man’. Come on, it’s catchy AND inspirational. What more do you want from a workout song? Now, I know that, Mumford & Sons might not be your cup of tea but like with ‘Roar’, you should forget that, you might not like their music and croon about how it’s ‘not your fault but mine’ whilst you pedal away like a maniac.

They are the band which brought us that party staple, ‘Mr Brightside’ but, whilst THAT song is also very good for a cycling workout, you might want to focus on one of their other catchy and upbeat songs, ‘Somebody Told Me’. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I worked out without this song blaring out through my admittedly bad quality headphones.

Bohemian Rhapsody. It is one of Queen’s greatest hits and, if you haven’t heard it, I have nothing to say to you. Download it. Play it at top volume and pedal away. Need I say any more?

Whatever you choose to listen to whilst you’re cycling, make sure that it’s upbeat. Just see what the latest DJ’s are playing if you want some inspiration; come on, how often do you hear ballads being played in clubs? You want your music to be upbeat and inspirational- try ‘Fighter’ by Christina Aguilera for those low-points during your workout. Whatever you’re listening to, make sure you keep going and then, you can finish on a high.

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