Goldilocks and the Cycling Backpacks

backpackOk so, at long last, you’ve decided that, the time has come to brave the outdoors and go cycling. You’ve planned an all-day excursion so, of course, unless you plan on starving or spending tons of money at a restaurant, you’re going to need a few supplies. However, your Louis Vuitton bag won’t cut it so, what on earth are you supposed to take? Well, the answer is, of course, as usual, blatantly obvious; a backpack. However, the real question is not what sort of backpack to take, it’s where to find a suitable backpack which isn’t too big or heavy. So, Goldilocks, which backpack will be just right?

Re-use It

Well, if you happen to have a laptop which you carry to and from work every day, you will probably own a laptop backpack. Now, the brilliant thing about a laptop backpacks is that, they have more uses that simply carrying your laptop from place to place. If you didn’t know this before, you might be interested to know that, you can actually use your laptop backpack to put supplies in whilst you’re cycling.

For Goldilocks

Let’s just run through a list of why your laptop backpack will be absolutely perfect for cycling. Well, first things first, laptop backpacks are designed for people who either run, cycle or walk to work and so therefore wish to carry their laptop on their backs. They are lightweight and breathable. This means that, no, you will not be weighed down by what feels like a ton of bricks resting on your back. Another perk of laptop backpacks is that, well, they’re the perfect size; not too big, not too small, they’re just right. This is great because, you do not want to have to cram all of your food and water for a hard day of cycling into one minuscule backpack, do you?

Use What You’ve Already Got

A laptop backpack is also a good idea if you’re not going to be going out on the bike all day every day. You see, if this isn’t going to be a regular fixture, you don’t really want to spend a bomb on a rucksack which, as it’s hardly a fashion statement, will rarely be used again after its first excursion. Therefore, in the interest of economising, using a backpack which you already own is probably a better plan rather than offering the local cycle shop your custom.

When it comes to finding a backpack to take cycling, a laptop is probably a better choice than a cycling backpack due to it being the perfect size, usually having a couple of separate compartments to keep liquids and food apart- trust me, you do not want to end up with soggy sandwiches. A well as this, there is the obvious perk of not having to spend as much money on a backpack. So, it’s time to recycle and re-use your beloved laptop backpack.

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