Could Cycling Safety be Improved with Drones?

clycling safetyCan the use of drone technology really improve the safety of cycling? Through the use of the Cyclodrone, which harnesses drone technology and infrared sensors, really can achieve a significant increase in cycling safety. This wouldn’t just help riders stay safe on the roads, but will also make the roads safer for drivers as well by decreasing the number of accidents involving cyclists on the roads. We’re not just talking about the usual drone you might see your neighbour flying but a specialised piece of equipment.

How It Works

The Cyclodrone uses infrared sensors and a Wi-Fi connection to sync to the cyclists cell phone to monitor movements on a route that has been preprogrammed by the cyclist so the drones know where to go. The drones then keep a safe distance ahead of the rider as well as behind to signal to motor vehicles through the use of a large beacon of the cyclist’s presence on the road. This could be very useful in congested urban traffic as well to increase the visibility of the cyclist in the midst of the large cars and trucks.

Statistics Backing the Cyclodrone

One statistic that supports the use of the Cyclodrone is the number of car versus bike crashes in 2011. 677 bicyclists were killed in motor vehicle accidents, most of these accidents may have been avoided with improved visibility of the cyclists on the road. In 2013 there were a total of 19,438 accidents involving a cyclist and a motor vehicle, 1,958 of these accidents were children. Of all of these accidents, there were 109 fatalities and 6 of them were children. Through the use of the Cyclodrone, cyclists of all ages could be much safer on the roads if a drone were to hover over the cyclists head like a beacon.

The Future of Cycling

As strange as it seems to think about having drones chaperoning your cycling adventures. However the concept will mean safer long distance trips in many different areas, whether you are cycling in a rural area or on urban streets. Drones can make your bike ride safer and more enjoyable by relieving you of the worry of unsuspecting motorists that could otherwise cause you harm. They can also ensure your visibility on the road to motorists who may otherwise not be paying attention. Which is crucial to staying safe on the roadways no matter where you are biking.


While the Cyclodrone is meant to make cycling safer, there are a few perks to the use of this wonderful tool that have nothing to do with the safety. Imagine recording your cycling adventures to show to your friends and family with ease. You will be able to star in your own adventure video without attaching a camera to your helmet or taking your hands off the handle bars. This feature may make it safer for people to block about their cycling adventures through video, and can be useful to explain accidents between cyclists and motorists through the use of this feature.

Development of This Technology

The development in this technology is still in the stages of infancy. One of the developmental concerns of this technology is the ability to take it for long rides. Drones can use a lot of power and the concern of whether it is possible to conserve that power enough to make the drones last through out a long trip. There have been ideas of attaching generators to the sprockets of bikes to help generate power for the drones to keep them going no matter how long a ride you want to go on. This idea embraces older technology to support new technology. It would be an interesting concept for new technology to depend on old technology for power.


Drones can be used for any number of tasks to ensure safety for cyclists as well as many other people who go out on adventures. The use of drones can be used to help skiers identify avalanche risks, pull people from burning buildings, and so much more. The technology used by drones currently today is limited to that of the military, however the potential uses for this technology is endless and can save many lives. And as time progresses, advancements in technology can bring about more possibilities as well as new technology to replace drones with more advanced models that may be safer and faster. There may even come a point in time where drones will be seen everywhere we go and may be used for more personal tasks other than creating safer roadways for us to use.

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