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TransWales ’06 – the 7 day MTB stage challenge 12th – 20th August 2006

3056234_8b16d2dfFor years mountain bikers have been looking for new challenges. From a general disinterest in cross country racing, the long distance endurance events have evolved. Primarily their attraction is they demand more than just sheer brutal power for 1.5 hours, the key to their success are tactics and pacing, where the rider has to be in the right frame of mind. 

Endurance events or mountain bike marathons have been around in the UK now for more than half a decade and have turned the scene and the industry around. What used to be a sport for just a few ‘race horses’ is now a regular event happening throughout the UK. This trend towards mass participation events for all levels of riders, enables people of varying abilities to overcome their barriers, achieving new personal goals and simply follow a healthy and active lifestyle. They also offer the chance to get away from it all, relax and have fun. With this in mind we have created the first ever ‘TransWales’ (2006). 

This event is a 7 day long team stage event with a mixture of linking stages and special stages. Not just endurance but also tactics, the right equipment and an ability to pace yourself will be key to enjoying as well as to winning this event.